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Paradox V4 Changelog
It is one of the best sprx
where the fuck ismy license key?
i paid for this
On the website
[Image: giphy.gif]
ChangeLog has been updated to the latest release!
Exile - Please remove the fuck account option from MW2. I know what this does and it will destroy the game MW2. Nobody will play the game as they will freeze as soon as they enter a game. There is already less players as it is on MW2 and now this fuck account option will make them all leave. If there are no players whats the point in using ur cheat engine.

Also the freeze clients eveybody just abuses this. U enter a game, paradox user doesnt play against u - he just freezes u. And the freeze all clients freezes everyone in lobby many dont play mw2 afterwards. If u can remove these two options. Apart from that your cheat engine is great.

Have freeze hacks just spoils the game.
Works amazing Thanks ExiLe
I dont have a jailbroken ps3 yet, and i just got done playing some mw3, just normally. no mods. i go back to the main menu to make some food, and i notice that it said "Infected by Paradox V4" on the moving scroll bar at the bottom, and right above the world map. Please help. I just want answers

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